This is an article I wrote for the Our Town Colonie magazine earlier in 2012 titled: Lasting Weight Loss

Hundreds of pounds are lost and regained every day.  Deprivation plans and extreme fitness programs are difficult to maintain and the catastrophic side effects of diet pills are horrifying.  You want to look and feel healthy, so what can you do?  Consider hypnosis.  When you think of hypnosis do you think of someone clucking like a chicken?  That’s stage hypnosis.  It is highly entertaining.  In addition to its entertainment value, hypnosis is an effective vehicle for improving your quality of life quickly and often permanently.  Hypnosis is used to change behaviors or unwanted habits, balance stress responses, release negative emotions (such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, etc.), and help create a more positive self-image.

Weight is a symptom, not the problem.  If you always acted in your own best interests (ate when you were hungry, drank enough water, and moved your body regularly) you could maintain a healthy weight.  The problem is when you eat when you are not hungry, are dehydrated, live a sedentary lifestyle, or assign human characteristics to food (food is your friend, comfort, way of rebelling, etc.).  But willpower won’t fix this.  If willpower worked, everyone would be exactly who they wanted to be. No one fails for a lack of WANTING to be healthier or happier.

Successful weight loss programs must focus on resolving the habits or patterns that created the problem in the first place so you can eat healthy foods in the proper amount, drink enough water, and consistently move the body to strengthen and build muscle.  With hypnosis, this process can be fun, easy to maintain, and therefore create lasting weight loss.  Sound interesting?  It is and it works!  So if you want to get off the weight loss “merry-go-round,” consider hypnosis.  It can work for you!