Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by stress?   Do you have stress related health issues? I would like to explain the benefits and the power of incorporating breath techniques into your daily life. Breath work is one of the quickest ways to shift how you respond to stress.  It is such a simple thing, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity.  Sometimes the simple tools are the most effective (because you actually stand a shot at using them). Breath is vital to life and proper breath is vital to good health. Breath is the only function in your body that you can easily control both consciously and unconsciously.  Why is this important? This means that by working with your breath, you can balance your sympathetic and your parasympathetic branches of your involuntary nervous system. When the sympathetic system is overactive (due to extended periods of real or perceived stress), it results in increased heart rate, atrial fibrillation, increased blood pressure, chronic digestive issues, cold hands, and much more. So by using breath, you can regulate and balance the involuntary nervous system. Which takes you out of the “fight or flight” response and allows your body to focus on healing and regeneration rather than being on a constant state of alert, stress. It’s simple, but incredibly powerful and anyone can do it.

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