Yesterday I was driving to my studio, Key 2 Joy (A Wellness Community Center offering hypnosis, yoga, and other modalities to help you discover the Key to Joy within YOU!). I saw a lawn sign for another yoga studio from the next town on the corner of my studio’s street. At first when I saw it I thought, “Well that’s kind of rude.” Then I thought this is a great opportunity! How can I use my yoga practice to handle this situation? Ahimsa is a term whose meaning is to ’cause no injury’ through one’s deeds, words, or thoughts. The idea is that to hurt another being is to hurt oneself. So I sent a blessing to the other studio owner(s) that they could release fear of lack and fill themselves with love and abundance. Yoga (a system with 8 branches, of which asanas, or poses, comprise only one branch: Hatha Yoga) teaches us to live in abundance and that fear and lack are simply blockages to our energy system, which may be cleared with love. Once I did that I was free to reflect on the situation and what you, the yoga students and potential yoga students, need to know to make an informed decision when selecting where to practice and which style is right for you.

When I first opened Key 2 Joy in Colonie/ Niskayuna, four years ago, there were a handful of other studios in the area and now there are closer to 20 and even fitness centers are seeing the benefit of Hatha Yoga and incorporating it into their schedule as well. With the increased number of options for styles of Yoga, studios, or teachers, this allows students to practice the yoga that is right for them. Yoga is for every “body,” age, and lifestyle. So all of these options mean that YOU need to be an informed consumer. Is one style better than another? Is one more authentic? Is one safer? Are your individual needs met by what is currently ‘popular?’ Do you need to have experience? What do you need to wear? These are just a few of the questions I receive on a regular basis. These are all valid questions, which any instructor or studio owner should be able to answer.

At Key 2 Joy, we offer a relaxed environment where you can ask questions, learn, practice, and grown as a whole person: body, mind, and spirit. We take the time to ensure that you are matched with the style of yoga appropriate for your level of fitness and which aligns with your personal goals. Only YOU know your body, so it is up to you to make sure you listen to your body to prevent injury in any style, class, or studio. As the door is opened to explore how good the body and mind feel after practicing Hatha Yoga, you can then step through the door and discover the other 7 branches of Yoga. At Key 2 Joy, you can explore many of these branches and discover a more joyful and fulfilling life! We offer a Free Screening to all potential students, so call today and set up your screening 518-598-6968!