So the weather has been getting colder and I have had a lot of people say “I have a hard time eating cold things when it’s cold out.”  Well never fear there are wonderful options for all weather.  Obviously there are incredible benefits to eating raw fruits and vegetables, but if you need to eat something warm, how about making some wonderful soups, roasted vegetables or warm fruit treats for the morning?  I follow food combining, which is really easy!  Fruits are by themselves in the mornings, 2/3 of your plate at lunch or dinner is vegetables and you keep your meats (or products from animals) separate from your starches.  So this time of year is great for apples and I love making homemade apple sauce.  Its easy and delicious and can be eaten in the morning warm like hot cereal would.  Just core and chop some apples, put them in a pan with a little bit of apple cider (my preference is in chunks with the skin).  I let them cook down (if it is too moist -add apples, too dry – add cider), then if the apples are sweet, all I do is add some nutmeg and cinnamon, perhaps some craisins or raisins and serve it warm  If the apples aren’t as sweet, I might add a touch of honey, but not much.  You can make it in advance and just heat it up in the morning.  Its wonderful!  For lunch or dinner you can easily add soup to warm you up.  I either add meat or noodles but not both and generally I just love a great vegetable soup by itself.  Later, I will give some recipes great for roasting root vegetables.  So, remember there is no excuse not to get your fruits and veggies in.  Be creative and share your ideas!  I would love to hear how others make the most of these delicious foods.  Stay warm and keep eating healthy!