At Key 2 Joy, I speak with a lot of people who are stuck weighing more than they want, who can’t seem to find a way to stop smoking, who suffer from stress, worry and fear.  Are you in the same situation?  Do you find yourself looking to make a change, but just can’t seem to stop even though you know you want to do something else?  Do you feel frustrated and exhausted from all the effort of “trying”? Consider hypnosis!

Hypnosis works with the unconscious mind which controls 95-99% of your behaviors and actions.  So thinking about a change with your conscious mind has about a 1 -5% chance of working.  By using hypnosis you are working with the powerhouse of your mind which is also, by the way, a million times faster at processing information than the conscious mind!  So why suffer any longer?  Stack the deck in your favor and ditch those old self defeating and destructive behaviors easily and effortlessly.  Hypnosis is safe, fun and relaxing! We offer a free screening, so what do you have to lose except your frustrations! Call NOW 518-598-6968.  We are located in Colonie, NY and we serve the Capital Region (Colonie, Latham, Niskayuna, Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and the surrounding areas).  We are located in the Shaker Pine Plaza at the corner of Watervliet-Shaker and New Karner Roads.

Mention this Blog and receive 30% Off your custom hypnosis package (weight loss, stop smoking, or stress management), if you call to book your Free Screening before Labor Day 2014!

Here is what other people are saying about hypnosis at Key 2 Joy:

  • “I have lost 31 lbs, 2 dress sizes, my blood pressure is lower, my joints feel better and I have more energy.  I was a doubter going into hypnosis, but I quickly found that I loved it and it worked!  It has helped me with so much more than weight loss.  I am letting go of stress, hurt, bad habits, and gaining new habits…  Hypnosis is giving me the tools to let go of so much more than weight!” ~ Christine P., Colonie, NY
  • “I lost 30 lbs. I am hopeful this is the last time I will need to go through this. I feel like I’ve gotten clear of some of the issues that heave held me from letting the weight go.  I’m peaceful in my heart in a way I’ve never been before.” ~ Barb H., Guilderland, NY
  • “My blood pressure is down from 145/87 this morning after a full night of rest to 128/72.  Thank you!”  ~ Anne A., Slingerlands, NY
  • “The self-hypnosis techniques you taught me have been invaluable in managing my anxiety during this (medical) ordeal…  If I hadn’t learned how to do the self-hypnosis from you I’d probably be addicted to Xanax by now… so thank you for all you have done.” ~ Christine B. Hadley, NY
  • “From the first session I was able to function without the craving for nicotine.  I am grateful that I came to Key 2 Joy!” ~ Pat R. Latham, NY
 You could easily be where you want to be before the holidays! START NOW!  CALL 518-598-6968 to schedule your FREE SCREENING.