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Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness, located in Hubbard, OH, specializes in hypnosis to aid you becoming the healthy person you were born to be! Hypnosis is a safe, effective way to release habits, fears, and other issues that block or limit you. If you are serious about changing your life, hypnosis is a great tool for you! Learn how to step into the life you want and create the future you desire! Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness serves Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We provide hypnosis services for weight loss, stop smoking, and stress management to promote wellness focusing on the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. We help you unlock the door to a life of balance, health, and joy! How can hypnosis help you? To determine if we can accept you as a hypnosis client, we offer a FREE Hypnosis Screening! Want to make a change? Call Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness now at 330-568-4747!


Weight Loss

Whether you are looking to lose 10s or 100s of pounds, Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness can help you shed your unwanted weight in a fun, effective way with hypnosis. What is your reason for choosing to lose weight now?

  • Health issues (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, physical pain, etc.) that result from carrying excess weight,
  • Family pressure to lose weight,
  • Social burden, loneliness or stigma of being overweight,
  • Annoyance of dieting and getting heavier,
  • Improving your physical attractiveness and mobility, or other reasons, too numerous to list!

No two people carry weight for the same reason and for that reason we meet with you personally to see if we can accept you into our program and develop a program tailored to your needs to support your weight loss success! To lose weight and keep it off you will release the power of your mind to maintain the health of your body, which is your unconscious mind’s highest prime directive. No shakes, no pills, no pre-packaged meals or diets that starve you fat. Instead our customized programs help you to eat the foods that are right for you (feeding yourself thin), to improve exercise motivation, to release limiting beliefs, to increase your intake of water, and to be kind and patient with yourself as you have fun becoming healthy and comfortably thin. Choose natural weight loss you can enjoy exploring for the rest of your life! If you are ready to become comfortably thin, fit and actively participate in your life, call 330-568-4747 for your FREE Hypnosis Screening to see if hypnosis is right for you!

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Stop Smoking

Are you ready to live your life free from nicotine?! Whatever your reason for choosing to quit:

  • Health issues that result from nicotine and smoke in your body,
  • Mounting costs of this dirty habit,
  • Family/ peer pressure to quit,
  • Social burden, stigma and increasing inconvenience of nicotine use,
  • Improving your physical attractiveness, or other reasons, too numerous to list!

If you are serious about kicking nicotine to the curb, hypnosis is a great natural tool to ditch that habit!  No patches, gums, or drugs, simply unleashing the power of your mind to create the life you want.  Each program is customized to your unique needs. Call 330-568-4747 for your FREE Hypnosis Screening to see how hypnosis can help you!

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Stress Management

Stress is part of life. It can take many forms and can be either helpful or harmful. Stress is helpful when it motivates and excites us and it becomes harmful when it interferes with your daily life and causes you to act in a way that is not in the best interests of you or those around you. Do you have any of the following negative responses to stress?

  • “Road Rage” or other inappropriate angry outbursts or irritability,
  • Health issues such as high blood pressure, digestive problems, headaches or lingering tension pain in different areas of your body,
  • Difficulty sleeping/ inability to quiet the mind when necessary,
  • Over/ under eating, binge eating, eating junk food, etc.
  • Nail biting, teeth grinding, or other nervous habits,
  • Shutting down, isolationism, or other reasons, too numerous to list!

Hypnosis is a wonderful way to let go of emotional triggers, to choose the responses you wish to have and to let go of anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt and limiting beliefs, to find your core states of being, and to pre-pave your future the way you wish to create it! This allows you to respond from a place of calm rather than from a triggered place. If you want to learn more and begin living a more enjoyable relaxed life, call 330-568-4747 for your FREE Hypnosis Screening!

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Uses of Hypnosis

I am often asked “What are some uses of hypnosis?”

  • Personal Development (Weight Management, Stress Management, Anger Management, Career Advancement, Exercise Motivation, Improved Memory, Relationship Issues, Relaxation, Self Confidence, Self Esteem);
  • Habit Breaking (Quit Smoking, Hair Twirling, Hair Pulling or Picking, Nail Biting, etc.);
  • Hang-ups and Fears;
  • Performance Enhancement (Athletic, Learning, Music, Sales, Sexual);
  • Sleep Issues;
  • Surgical Preparation & Recovery;
  • Pain Management; and much more!

Want to make a change? If you are interested in learning more about how our services can help you unlock the joy in your life, call 330-568-4747 for your FREE Hypnosis Screening!

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How Does Hypnosis Work?

First, understand that HYPNOSIS WORKS! Scientists may not agree on exactly how it works, but it has been researched, tested, and even approved by the American Medical Association for use since the 1950s, because it WORKS. There are many theories about how hypnosis works and what it is and is not.

  • Hypnosis IS an altered state of consciousness. The subconscious mind is awake and accessible while the conscious mind is pleasantly distracted (similar to “day dreaming”). The British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis states: “hypnosis usually involves the person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their attention narrowed down, and focused on appropriate suggestions.” Your mind may drift or even wander from time to time during a session. However, you will hear everything said even if you cannot specifically remember everything said.
  • Hypnosis IS NOT sleep (although sleep IS a type of trance state).
  • Hypnosis IS deeply relaxing. 15 minutes of hypnosis may feel like up to 5 hours of restful sleep!
  • Hypnosis IS NOT “mind control.” In fact, hypnosis actually helps YOU stay in control! The suggestions given are designed to help you make positive changes in your life. You cannot be made to do anything. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Think of it like this: Your body is your physical vehicle in this life. You are driving the vehicle. The hypnotist is like your GPS. The suggestions are designed to avoid a route of hazards, delays, boredom, and suffering so isn’t it easier to just follow the guidance and arrive at your destination rested, happy, healthy, and safe? The body follows wherever you, the driver, focuses. Hypnosis helps you stay focused on where you want to be (not on where you don’t want to be).
  • Hypnosis IS NOT a magic wand that heals and cures everything. It IS a way to influence your thoughts and transform your life in surprising and delightful days.

What does all of this mean?

  • It means you can LOSE WEIGHT and ENJOY the process as well as the RESULTS!
  • You can STOP SMOKING and eliminate habits easier and quicker than you may have thought possible!

Hypnosis offers YOU a genuine opportunity for YOU to harness the power of YOUR MIND and make YOUR LIFE BETTER! Which makes HYPNOSIS an obvious choice for WEIGHT LOSS, STOP SMOKING, STRESS REDUCTION, and much more!

See Our Testimonials to hear the stories of how people JUST LIKE YOU made the choice to make their lives better with hypnosis.

Interested in learning more or getting started NOW? CALL 330-568-4747 TODAY to set up your FREE HYPNOSIS SCREENING and get started now! A year from now, you will be glad you made this call and started TODAY!


Hypnosis Training and Certification

Are you interested in becoming a part of a rapidly expanding profession that empowers people with the tools to improve their physical, emotional, and mental health, their personal and professional relationships, and create more joyful lives? In these rapidly changing times, everyone needs skills to be able to communicate more effectively, become more productive, and create a life of abundance, health, and joy! Professional Certified Hypnosis training at Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness in Hubbard, OH is an ideal program for obtaining and further developing these skills.

As a Professional Certified Hypnotist you may:

  • Utilize hypnosis to improve your current career (health care, sales, education, artistic performance, etc.),
  • Choose to have a highly successful and fulfilling private hypnosis practice,
  • Consult with large corporations,
  • Become a more effective public speaker, or
  • Any number of other exciting opportunities!

The skills gained through the study of hypnosis are broadly applicable to every area of your life. The market for Professional Certified Hypnotists is quite broad and the applications for hypnosis are extensive:

  • Personal Development (Improved memory, organization, pain management, anger management, relationship issues, optimism, spirituality, self-confidence, self-control, self-esteem, self-image, imagination and visualization, fertility, child birth, relaxation, stress management, sleep issues, weight loss/management, exercise motivation, overall wellness)
  • Habit breaking (tobacco, alcohol, or drug usage, overspending, nail biting, hair twirling or pulling, etc.),
  • Personal Enhancement (athletic, educational, sexual, career, sales, artistic), and
  • Hang-ups, fears, and worries (about people, places, situations, ideas, or things).

Approved by the American Medical Association in the 1950s, hypnosis has received a widespread increase in acceptance in recent years due to an increased desire for safe, natural, more effective methods of maintaining or regaining health. Hypnosis is a safe and highly effective way to improve your quality of life!

Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness offers a Professional Hypnosis Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness (formerly Key 2 Joy Hypnosis & Yoga) has a strong reputation of being a trusted place of learning, healing, growth, and transformation. NGH is recognized as the oldest (founded in 1950), largest (17,000 members worldwide),and most respected professional association of hypnotists in the world, maintaining a rigorous certification program based on a standardized curriculum.

We are accepting applications from qualified candidates NOW to become a Professional Certified Hypnotist. If you are genuinely interested in a rewarding career as a Professional Certified Hypnotist and are looking for personal and professional development that can truly change your life, call 330-568-4747 now for your FREE screening to determine if a career in hypnosis is right for you!



(Please note that in October 2016, Key 2 Joy Hypnosis & Wellness moved from upstate New York to northeast Ohio and became Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness.)

You helped to change my life a few years back. My health and well-being have become so much better because of In 8 weeks, I have lost 26 lbs! I feel like I have gotten clear on some of the issues that held me back from letting the weight go. I’m peaceful in my heart in a way I’ve never been before. I am becoming more me.

Barbara H.


In 8 weeks, I have lost a total of 18 lbs. and have measured about inches off all my body parts. In total now, I have lost 87 lbs. now. I am soooo happy and proud of myself!

Kathleen Purello

I lost 30 lbs. in 4 months. Key 2 Joy (now Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness) has unlocked a whole new world for me. Thank you Shannon!

David Doling

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Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness serves Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Proudly serving these and surrounding communities: Hubbard, Youngstown, Wheatland, Girard, Masury, Brookfield, Farrell, Campbell, Sharon, New Bedford, Vienna, West Middlesex, McDonald, Lowellville, Villa Maria, Pulaski, Struthers, Niles, Hermitage, Hartford, Warren, Mineral Ridge, Clark, Fowler, Burghill, Edinburg, Sharpsville, Hillsville, Orangeville, New Wilmington, Transfer, New Middletown, Canfield, Cortland, Bessemer, New Castle, North Lima, North Jackson, New Springfield, Petersburg, Ellsworth, Leavittsburg, Mercer, Kinsman, Farmdale, Greenford, Volant, Greenville, Fredonia, Enon Valley, Columbiana, West Pittsburg, Newton Falls, Berlin Center, Lake Milton, Bristolville, Washingtonville, Southington, New Waterford, East Palestine, Diamond, North Bloomfield, New Galilee, Salem, Leetonia, Wampum, Jamestown, Adamsville, West Farmington, Williamsfield, Wayland, Jackson Center, Windham, Deerfield, Clarks Mills, North Benton, Grove City, Rogers, Damascus, Koppel, Ellwood City, Hadley, Garrettsville, Sheakleyville, Orwell, Stoneboro, Darlington, Beloit, Portersville, Mesopotamia, Negley, Hartstown, Slippery Rock, Sebring, Winona, Parkman, Elkton, Atlantic, Sandy Lake, Beaver Falls, Middlefield, North Georgetown, Forestville, Ravenna, Rootstown. Proudly serving these and surrounding counties: Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Portage, Ashtabula, and Geauga Counties in Ohio and Mercer, Lawrence, Beaver, Crawford, and Butler Counties in Pennsylvania.

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