Broken Dishes

June 10, 2014 7:26 pm Published by

It’s been a while since my last blog and I GOT MARRIED!  That’s right while planning a wedding, it was fought to keep up with everything, but I am back and looking to post more regularly.

Through hypnosis, I help people to focus on what they want. I got married last month and used hypnosis, and the assistance of dear friends, to help me stay focused on the JOY of getting married during a time of stress and focusing on details while planning the wedding. And everyone said, “It’s a wedding, expect something to go wrong.” I didn’t want to expect it, but when things did go wrong, I got through by refocusing on what was right and good and wonderful and the wedding went off “imperfectly, perfect!” The location had changed a month before, there were unexpected expenses and travel delays, and did I mention I forgot to pick up the minister and bring her to the wedding and realized it 45 minutes before the wedding was set to begin?!?! So, everything did work out… not exactly as planned,… it was better! I share this poem to remind myself and others to focus on what you have and what you want, rather than what you are missing. If you are interested in learning more about hypnosis, I offer a free half hour screening, so call today! 518-598-6968

Broken Dishes – Douglas Malloch

Try as we will, be careful still,

We folks who wash the dishes,

What’er we do, we break a few,

No matter what one wishes.

Yes, something slips from out the hand,

Or on a cup a plate will land,

You lock your arm, you hear a crash,

And there’s a saucer gone to smash.


Yet some folks seem to think a dream

Should never know a waking,

That hearts should choose, and never lose,

And never have an aching.

They seem to think that they, at least,

Should set the board, and have the feast,

And go along the way they wish

Through life, and never break a dish.


But when you do break something new,

Or something old you cherish,

I tell you what will help a lot,

Although a dish may perish:

Although some day some loss may bring,

One platter isn’t everything –

Go in the pantry, when bereft,

And count the dishes you have left!

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  • David Ciucevich says:

    What a truly BRILLIANT blogpost, Shannon! (and, the perfect poem to drive your point home!!:)) You amaze me with the brilliance of your mind, heart, and soul on a daily basis, Shannon (and, I would say that to you even if you WEREN’T my wife)!!:) Shannon is truly a master hypnotist and the finest hypnotist I know. Go…in fact, RUN to work with her–she will help you make your dreams come true as she has mine!!:) Much love, my dearest Shannon!!:)

    • key2joy says:

      Thanks David! It is wonderful being able to share this incredible journey with you!! Love you lots and thanks for always supporting my dreams!!

  • Deb Nettles says:

    So happy I was able to share this special day with you, and bring the minister to the wedding! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem with us!

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