We remember those who left this world on 9/11 and those who remain to carry on (families/ friends) with love. We remember. We learn. We grow. We love. We carry on with hope. We find joy and they live on in our joy! Many people were impacted and none of us are the same. It was a day to consider life and what it means. It is a big part of how I ended up in Albany, NY. Although it was a day of great sorrow, I know for myself I have transformed my life and am following my purpose, my passion, in large part, because of those events.

Some of you may know that Yoga and Hypnosis are my second career. I had my midlife crisis early. You may not know that in my first career I was a CPA, working for Merrill Lynch in Corporate Services Finance supporting building management in NYC (including the South Tower of the World Financial Center). Luckily I was in Hopewell, NJ that day. The people I supported were the last to leave the World Financial Center buildings that day and were involved in the clean up afterwards. In Hopewell, NJ we were evacuated and I was never so afraid in my life. Friends, colleagues, family members were in danger, missing, or lost, as were we all. But in the midst of fear, incredible kindness was present, courage was present, support was present and LOVE WAS PRESENT. I am who I am, doing what I do, where I do it, in big part due to 9/11. A group of people who did not know love lashed out at us that day. We know love! Those lost, live on forever in our hearts and all of us are braver, stronger, and more determined to love passionately, love deeply, and live more joyfully because of that day. Those lost, live on in every person each of us help each day. Bravery was shown, beyond words, and as I sit here today, I am grateful to God that I am alive at this time and I can be part of the light that will outshine the darkness still present in our world. We do not conquer darkness with darkness we do not teach or show love with hate or fear. It is said that even the smallest light must cut through the deepest darkness. I choose to be a small, but mighty light. I choose to shine. Will you? Join me in shining bright enough to light even the furthest corner of the world. WE ARE LOVE. WE SHINE. God bless us all and keep us all in LOVE.