Ignition of match, with smoke on blackWhy starve yourself?  Increase your metabolism and work smarter, not harder at releasing weight!  How do you boost your metabolism?

  • Have regular meals (don’t skip meals, especially breakfast)
  • Eat enough food (sounds funny, but too often our bodies go into starvation mode on “diets” which result in the inevitable boomerang of weight gain)
  • Eat the right foods in the right combination (eat fruit by themselves and avoid combining animal products with starches, non starchy veggies go great with anything and don’t forget your nuts and seeds)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Move your body (getting the large lean muscle to create a slow constant burn in your body is like cooking over a campfire: the red coals cook best! Use these large muscles in your butt and legs and burn baby, burn!)

Here are a couple of website links that I found helpful.  The first is about body type and metabolism (there are 5 pages including foods to avoid and to enjoy based on your body’s shape and page 5 has super foods great for all body types) and the second is a 5 minute video to boost your metabolism through movement.  Check them out and turn up your metabolism to optimal health!

  • http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/geralyn-coopersmith-workout
  • http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/better-metabolism-your-body-type