I have been asked by people, “What does Namaste mean?” and since I use it in my classes, in my written responses and my voice mail, I want to  explain my understanding of the word.

Namaste means: “The light in me, honors the light in you.  When I am in that place in my and you are in that place in you, we are one.”
It is a way to acknowledge the divinity in each of us.  The divine love within me sees the divine love within you.  It encourages us to think of others as the divine and remember that we are divine as well.  It is seeing with the eyes of love and knowing that we are not separate at all, that we are all one. I find this to be the most beautiful way to great someone or to thank someone.

Joseph Campbell explained how most native cultures thought of the world from a “thou” perspective.  Thinking of the earth, all living things (plants, animals, the whole universe, and people) as a “thou” instead of “it.”  Namaste is a greeting of “thou” from “thou.”

So as we begin the journey of 2013, keep Namaste in mind.  Think of how you can honor the “thou” in yourself and others and expand the beauty in the world, in people, and in this year!