How do you banish “blah?”

I have had quite a few clients share that they were feeling “blah.”  It may seem silly, but blah can derail you from your goals.  It can get you stuck in a mire of complacency which is one of the most detrimental and fattening feelings there are.  So how do you banish “blah?” First of all, acknowledge the feeling.  Notice it and see if it has a source you can identify.  Perhaps something happened, perhaps you were eating foods that were low nutritional content, perhaps you are feeling stress or a hormonal shift, maybe the feeling is simply serving a purpose at this time. Whatever the source, honor it, accept it, love it and have gratitude for it.

Now, how can you shift it.  Emotions are energy in motion, so “blah” needs movement and sound to shift and transmute into a higher frequency of energy and emotion.  So make the sound, the face, the body posture and movement of “blah” and if you are so lucky as to have a full length mirror as you do this look at how “blah” looks.  What will you notice, pretty shortly after beginning you will notice a shift and if you do it long enough you will probably find yourself crying or laughing or crying then laughing.  Keep it up until you feel the”blah” shift into something else.

At Key 2 Joy, we offer hypnosis, yoga and other services to help you create a life of balance and joy (“blah” free).  We are located in Colonie, NY  in the Shaker Pine Plaza.  If you are interested in finding out how hypnosis, yoga or any of our other services can help you, we offer a FREE Screening to determine if we can accept you as a client and to determine the best plan for the achievement of your goals (weight loss, stop smoking, overall health improvement, stress reduction, etc.).  So call today 518-598-6968!

Broken Dishes

It’s been a while since my last blog and I GOT MARRIED!  That’s right while planning a wedding, it was fought to keep up with everything, but I am back and looking to post more regularly.

Through hypnosis, I help people to focus on what they want. I got married last month and used hypnosis, and the assistance of dear friends, to help me stay focused on the JOY of getting married during a time of stress and focusing on details while planning the wedding. And everyone said, “It’s a wedding, expect something to go wrong.” I didn’t want to expect it, but when things did go wrong, I got through by refocusing on what was right and good and wonderful and the wedding went off “imperfectly, perfect!” The location had changed a month before, there were unexpected expenses and travel delays, and did I mention I forgot to pick up the minister and bring her to the wedding and realized it 45 minutes before the wedding was set to begin?!?! So, everything did work out… not exactly as planned,… it was better! I share this poem to remind myself and others to focus on what you have and what you want, rather than what you are missing. If you are interested in learning more about hypnosis, I offer a free half hour screening, so call today! 518-598-6968

Broken Dishes – Douglas Malloch

Try as we will, be careful still,

We folks who wash the dishes,

What’er we do, we break a few,

No matter what one wishes.

Yes, something slips from out the hand,

Or on a cup a plate will land,

You lock your arm, you hear a crash,

And there’s a saucer gone to smash.


Yet some folks seem to think a dream

Should never know a waking,

That hearts should choose, and never lose,

And never have an aching.

They seem to think that they, at least,

Should set the board, and have the feast,

And go along the way they wish

Through life, and never break a dish.


But when you do break something new,

Or something old you cherish,

I tell you what will help a lot,

Although a dish may perish:

Although some day some loss may bring,

One platter isn’t everything –

Go in the pantry, when bereft,

And count the dishes you have left!

What if you could?

As many of you know, I am a hypnotist that works with people to change behaviors and habits.  I like to explain hypnosis to people with a simple physical example.  It involves putting your arm out in front of you.  Keeping your feet planted and then twisting from your waist as far as you can and visually marking how far you get.  You then come back to the front and then you use your imagination to go further and faster than before.  After this little imagination exercise, without fail, everyone goes further and faster as they twist around.  So I had a client who came in after I showed her this demonstration and she had a story to share.  She said that she was trying to reach something that she just couldn’t reach.  She jumped and still couldn’t reach it.  She remembered the demonstration I showed her and decided to try it.  She visualized herself reaching the item she was reaching for easily and effortlessly.  Then she opened her eye and SHE DID reach it.  She was so excited!  That got me to thinking… what if you could?  What if you could just imagine doing the things you wanted to do?  What if you imagined and really used all of your senses to really imagine something as possible, then it follows that your body and mind would do everything they could to get you to that point.  Now don’t think just enough.  Remember, you want to imagine it is easy and effortless.  Practice this regularly.  Whether it is work, or sports, relationships, weight loss, or increasing your income.  Regularly practice and use your imagination to see yourself easily and effortlessly getting more than what you want easily and effortlessly and share your successes!  I would love to hear how your golf swing improved, or you imagined and obtained the perfect job or did impeccably at an interview or even reached for something just out of your normal reach easily and effortlessly.  Have fun and remember: “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” (Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich).

Don’t let the cold weather derail you from getting your vegetables in!

So the weather has been getting colder and I have had a lot of people say “I have a hard time eating cold things when it’s cold out.”  Well never fear there are wonderful options for all weather.  Obviously there are incredible benefits to eating raw fruits and vegetables, but if you need to eat something warm, how about making some wonderful soups, roasted vegetables or warm fruit treats for the morning?  I follow food combining, which is really easy!  Fruits are by themselves in the mornings, 2/3 of your plate at lunch or dinner is vegetables and you keep your meats (or products from animals) separate from your starches.  So this time of year is great for apples and I love making homemade apple sauce.  Its easy and delicious and can be eaten in the morning warm like hot cereal would.  Just core and chop some apples, put them in a pan with a little bit of apple cider (my preference is in chunks with the skin).  I let them cook down (if it is too moist -add apples, too dry – add cider), then if the apples are sweet, all I do is add some nutmeg and cinnamon, perhaps some craisins or raisins and serve it warm  If the apples aren’t as sweet, I might add a touch of honey, but not much.  You can make it in advance and just heat it up in the morning.  Its wonderful!  For lunch or dinner you can easily add soup to warm you up.  I either add meat or noodles but not both and generally I just love a great vegetable soup by itself.  Later, I will give some recipes great for roasting root vegetables.  So, remember there is no excuse not to get your fruits and veggies in.  Be creative and share your ideas!  I would love to hear how others make the most of these delicious foods.  Stay warm and keep eating healthy!

Get Moving!

Need to incorporate more movement into your life?  Here are some simple ideas that are easy, don’t require any memberships, and take little time.  Make your health a priority in your life!  Increasing movement in your life helps you become healthier and better able to handle stress.  Not moving because you have no energy is like asking a fireplace to give you heat before you put logs in.  It’s backwards!  If you want to sleep better, have more energy, and better handle stress in your life, then use your imagination and simply move!  Notice I did not use the E word (exercise), as many people have a negative impression of exercise, when, in fact, exercise is supposed to be fun.  When we were kids, we begged our parents to be able to play just one more game or to play just a little longer, but ask an adult for one more set or rep of an exercise and see just how happy they are.  So instead of formal exercise, let’s talk movement, play and FUN! 

  1. Go for a walk.  The weather is still great, enjoy it!
  2. Pedal exercisers are a wonderful way to turn TV time into an opportunity to move. They are inexpensive, small, and can work your arms and legs while you stay up to date on your latest show.  
  3. Dance! Start dancing as you get ready in the morning or at night.  Listen to your favorite music and just jam!
  4. Jump rope.  It’s great exercise and if you don’t have a rope, just pretend and jump anyway.  You won’t have to worry about getting caught up in the rope that way. 

Get creative and increase movement to become fit and stay healthy!  Remember to keep it fun so your inner child WANTS to play along.  Happy movement everyone!!

Great Greens!

Great Greens!

Steamed Green Beans with Tamari Almonds and Mrs. Dash Seasoning. Simple and Delicious! Add nuts or seeds to your favorite veggies and see how wonderful they are. Interested and getting healthy this summer? Give us a call: 518-598-6968!

Have a happy solstice!

Sunny Days!

This is the most Yang (or active) day of the year.  There is more light than dark, more active energy than passive energy.  What can you do to be more active and enjoy this solstice?   Hypnosis for exercise motivation is just the thing to melt off the pounds and increase your enjoyment of summer.  If you need motivation to move, call 518-598-6968 for your free 1/2 hour hypnosis screening.  The solstice is a time of action, so what are you waiting for?!

Try something incredible!

Whether the weather is good or bad where you are, think about trying something incredible.  Last night, I played catch with my fiance David, then we went for a walk.  It was incredible!!  To be 42 and be able to play, really play with my best friend was incredibly rewarding and FUN!!  Remember fun is not a 4 letter word. It only has 3 letters, so it’s not a bad thing.  Incredible doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money or travel somewhere or carve a huge chunk of time out of your schedule.  It means… HAVE FUN!!!  Laugh, be silly, be creative, but have fun!  By taking small chunks of time and living those moments to the fullest, you weave a wonderful fabric that is your life and the little spots that are challenging, won’t seem so bad.  Begin moving toward pleasure and away from pain.  It’s a choice and you are worth it!

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