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Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness Staff

Meet Our Practitioners!


Menu of Services

Hypnosis for:

  • Weight loss,
  • Stop smoking, and
  • Stress management.

Yoga and Meditation for every “body,” age, and lifestyle,

And Much More!

  • Reiki, Energy, and Sound Healing,
  • Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Mentoring,
  • Tantric Coaching for Couples and Singles,
  • Young Living Essential Oils, and
  • Music Performances, Talks, and Lessons.

If you are interested in learning more about how our services can help you unlock the joy in your life, please contact Shannon Keyes Ciucevich at 330-568-4747.



Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness believes:

  • Treatment should always focus on the whole person. 
Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs all play a role in overall health.
  • There are a wide variety of treatments that encourage the body’s natural healing process.
  • Learning and healing go hand in hand, empowering proactive decisions based on knowledge, personal values, and consideration of the impact of those decisions on you, your family, society, and our planet.
  • This process should be, can be, and must be fun!



Come experience a community of like-minded people at Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness in Hubbard, OH where you can enrich your mind, body and spirit, while having fun, learning, and relaxing! At Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness we incorporate fun, relaxation, and education into our private sessions, our classes, and our workshops. Browse our photos and check out our Facebook page.


About Us

The strength of Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness is our ability to establish a safe, nurturing, supportive environment where learning and healing go hand-in-hand. Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness (formerly Key 2 Joy Hypnosis & Yoga) has been providing wellness services since 2004 and in October 2016, Shannon Keyes Ciucevich and David Ciucevich relocated from upstate NY to Hubbard, OH (where Shannon grew up) to assist Shannon’s mother, Bonnie Keyes, in her battle with colon cancer and to be closer to family. The approach of Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness is to focus on the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. We offer private and group sessions in Hypnosis; Guided Visualization; Yoga; Meditation; and Reiki, Sound & Energy Healing. We have partnered with other organizations such as:

  • Aquarian Dance (New Jersey),
  • The American Cancer Society (New York),
  • AWS Truepower (New York),
  • Capital District Physicians Health Plan (CDPHP, New York),
  • The Capital District YMCA (Greenbush and Greater Glenville Branches in New York),
  • The East Greenbush Library (New York),
  • Health Balance Massage Center (Hubbard, OH),
  • Om Yoga Studio (Hubbard, OH),
  • Samaritan Hospital (New York),
  • Source School of Tantra (New York City and Boston), and
  • St. Peter’s Hospital (New York).

If you are interested in having Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness present a class, lecture, or workshop to your organization, please contact Shannon Keyes Ciucevich at 330-568-4747.

Story of Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness and Shannon Keyes Ciucevich

Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness (formerly Key 2 Joy Hypnosis & Yoga in Colonie, NY) grew from the experiences and vision of its owner, Shannon Keyes Ciucevich who was first exposed to yoga by practicing with PBS yoga programs as a child in Hubbard, Ohio. From a very early age, Shannon faced many health challenges that continued throughout her life, which would ultimately lead her to become a healer, but first she chose a more traditional career path. Shannon graduated from The Ohio State University with a BSBA in accounting, became a CPA, and spent almost 20 years in corporate America working for several Fortune 100 companies, ascending the corporate ladder to eventually become a Chief Finance Officer of a municipality in New Jersey. Throughout her time in college and her career as an accountant, she employed many types of traditional medical treatments to alleviate her illnesses, pain, and suffering (as the result of car accidents, injuries, and chronic illnesses – fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis) with varying degrees of success and with a variety of side effects. However, from an early age and throughout her life, the themes of nutrition, movement, and the power of thought repeatedly showed up at critical moments demonstrating how employing complimentary modalities (such as yoga, hypnosis, meditation, energy work, sound healing, and much more) can achieve true health and wellness. Her success with complimentary modalities for improving her health (alleviating her chronic pain, recovering her eyesight, living symptom free from both chronic illnesses for many years, and going from a size 22 to a size 16 herself and continuing to lose weight and feel great!) unleashed an insatiable desire within Shannon to learn everything she could about healing modalities for herself and others. This extensive exploration, ultimately led to her career change and the opening of Key 2 Joy Hypnosis and Yoga in Colonie, NY where she helped over 3,500 people from 2010 to 2016.

Key 2 Joy was a valued part of the Albany, NY Capital Region wellness community for over 6 years.  It hosted two Kirtan Festivals; held regular yoga, meditation, and qigong classes; conducted a wide variety of health and wellness, spiritual, and personal development classes and workshops; and offered an assortment of private therapeutic sessions. In October 2016, Shannon and her husband David Ciucevich, after many months of thought, prayer, and deliberation, decided to close Key 2 Joy and move to Ohio to be closer to her mother Bonnie Keyes, who has stage IV colon cancer.  They are hopeful that the treatment that she is receiving (along with the love and prayers of family and friends) will help her reverse her condition. Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness is the new business that has been formed to carry Shannon, her family, and her clients toward their goals of healthy, joyful lives!

Shannon Keyes Ciucevich is a National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Certified Hypnotist (CH, since 2008), an NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor (CHI, since 2015), a Yoga Alliance (YA) Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500, with over 12 years of experience), a YA Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT), a YA Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), a YA Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), a meditation instructor, a Reiki master/teacher, a distributor of Young Living Essential oils, a non-denominational minister, a sound healer, and a Certified Tantric Educator. She has also completed training/certification in Quantum Touch (Level I), Healing Touch (Level I), and Emotional Freedom Technique’s (EFT’s Foundations, Intermediate, and Honors training), Brennan Healing Sciences (Healing the Family Tree and Fundamentals), stage hypnosis (through Scott McFall), Timeline Therapy (through Rev It Up Hypnosis), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (through Rev It Up Hypnosis and Scott McFall and the Christian Hypnosis Association), and advanced hypnosis techniques (through the Master Hypnotist Society, by completing a 4 year advanced hypnosis mentorship program through Rev It Up Hypnosis and Scott McFall and the Master Hypnotist Society), healing with stones and crystals (Level I & II through Brenda Cary Jenks), and dowsing (Level I & II through Brenda Cary Jenks).

Shannon has incredible compassion for those seeking solutions to their challenges and has spent years building an extensive professional toolbox that has proven highly effective for improving her health and well-being as well as that of her clients! Shannon has spent her entire life looking for ways to relieve pain and suffering, live healthier, and enjoy a life filled with joy! She has arrived at the healthiest and happiest part of her life so far and offers her experience, knowledge, compassion, and dedication to help others live their best life… right now!

Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness offers Hypnosis, Yoga and Meditation, Reiki and energy work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Sound Healing, Sexual Coaching for Couples and Singles, Public Speaking, Corporate Consulting, and much more! Ohio Valley Hypnosis helps clients unlock health, enjoyment, and balance. It’s fun, easy, and effective! Not sure where to start? Ohio Valley Hypnosis & Wellness offers a FREE SCREENING to determine how to best assist clients on their journey to a healthier life. Call 330-568-4747 to set up your FREE SCREENING today!

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